Fingerprint Door Handle

  • Sunday, 13 November 2022
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Fingerprint Door Handle

The fingerprint door handle is an electronic door handle that recognizes a user's fingerprint to open and close a door. A fingerprint recognition module detects the user's fingerprint on the contacting surface of the finger via a touch switch circuit 29. The finger is inserted into a groove in the handle cover 10 a signal is generated. This signal is sent to a controller 70 that drives the fingerprint recognition module 30. The fingerprint recognition module comprises an optical fingerprint recognition sensor and is powered by a designated power source. A designated light source is also positioned on the back right of the fingerprint door handle.

A fingerprint door handle is a popular new trend in home security. The fingerprint door handle can be used with smart home devices like Google Home or Alexa to unlock the door. The fingerprint door handle is designed with a 15mm diameter hole for installation and can be programmed to open and lock using fingerprints or a proximity fob. The device can also be controlled with a mobile phone app.

Fingerprint door handles are convenient and secure. They work by using personal identifiable information, such as a fingerprint or a PIN. They are easy to install and can be operated by a smartphone app. In addition to fingerprints, the fingerprint door handle can be opened with a QR code or by a physical key.

In terms of security, fingerprint door locks are very popular among landlords. They eliminate the need for keys and ensure that renters' properties remain safe. The fingerprint door locks also work on external doors that have multipoint locks, which is an essential feature for landlords. With fingerprint door locks, tenants are freed from the hassle of worrying about a lockout due to a silly reason.

Fingerprint door locks are convenient to use and are perfect for individual offices in buildings or homes with young families. They are more secure than standard door locks and do not require extra keys, which makes it a better choice for many homeowners, landlords, and business owners. They also help to prevent loss of keys, which is a huge bonus for both tenants and landlords.

Despite its weight, fingerprint door handles are small enough to install on standard doors. They can be installed in any door handle. The fingerprint door handle weighs between three and five pounds. They can be installed in a door handle or replace a conventional door handle. They come with a security panel and can store up to 100 fingerprints. The fingerprint door handle can be used for residential or commercial buildings.

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