Fingerprint Recognition Lock

Fingerprint Recognition Lock

  • Thursday, 26 October 2023
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Fingerprint Recognition Lock

The days of locking yourself out of the house are a thing of the past thanks to this handy new technology.finger recognition lock As its name suggests, this fingerprint door lock uses a fingerprint scan to let you in instead of a key or pin code. You simply place your finger on the sensor, and if it matches your saved fingerprint template, it unlocks. The whole process takes seconds, or even less. In addition, most models also allow for access with other methods such as a passcode or physical key.

The main advantage of this type of lock is that it’s fast and convenient.finger recognition lock We’ve all had that frantic moment when we are late for work and can’t find our keys. Or, we’re just coming back from a long day and are exhausted. Fingerprint locks eliminate those hassles and are super simple to use, even if you’re not wearing gloves or have wet hands.

But, how does a fingerprint recognition lock actually work? The sensor is similar to a smartphone’s, with an array of cameras that record the image of your fingerprint.finger recognition lock Then, an algorithm matches that pattern to a saved one. There are a few different algorithms that can be used for this, but most of them analyze a large number of minutia points on the fingerpad (a high-quality fingerprint contains up to 80 minutia points).

When you register a fingerprint, these minutia points are recorded, and then a matching score is calculated.finger recognition lock If the match score is higher, the door lock opens. If the score is lower, the door stays locked.

Fingerprint scanning technology has improved a lot over the years, and many reliable models are now available at prices that are accessible to most consumers. Some even come with a backup entry method, such as a keypad, in case the fingerprint sensor malfunctions or can’t recognize your print for some reason.

Another benefit of fingerprint door locks is that you can manage the list of authorized users easily with a desktop app. This allows you to grant or deny access to multiple individuals with a single click, and it’s also possible to adjust user access privileges on a granular level. Furthermore, most fingerprint locks provide detailed access logs, allowing you to track and review user activity.

While these features make fingerprint-activated locks a great option for home use, they can also be useful in business environments, where you want to keep track of your employees’ access privileges and ensure that only qualified people have access to sensitive areas. Additionally, these locks can add a touch of elegance to your office decor and help build trust in your business.

The Millionhome door lock is an all-in-one solution for security, convenience and style. It offers three locking modes: fingerprint, anti-peep virtual password, and physical key. It has a high recognition rate of up to 98%, with quick 1-second door access. It’s easy to install, fits US standard doors, and can support 50 groups of fingerprints.

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