Hotel Door Lock Systems and Hotel Management

  • Monday, 17 May 2021
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Hotel Door Lock Systems and Hotel Management

Hotel door locks are as varied and complicated as the many rooms and areas in any hotel. Each door access control system controls separate door entry, but often the ways in which both the magnetic and RFID door entry locks grant access to different rooms are quite different. The basic key card used in most hotels has a magnetic stripe, which contains personal information that grants access into a specific hotel room. This personal information must be presented at the time of authorization or it will not be granted access.

Another variation on the hotel door locks is the use of biometric readers, which are mounted on a wall near the front desk or on the hotel desks. These readers mount on a reader and are able to identify fingerprints and other prints that are captured from indoor lighting. Once the print is processed, the authorized access is granted. This process is usually done with the use of a fingerprint reader, or magnetic bar code lock.

A third type of hotel door locks is provided by the use of OAI (Optical Access Control) systems. These systems use computer-generated keys that can be accessed through the use of a PIN pad or other reader. An OAI system uses multiple codes per room or area and requires that all of the rooms and areas are controlled by one keypad or reader. This system requires more manual processing, and in some respects is less secure than OAI locking systems.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLetooth Low Energy) is another form of wireless door lock technology currently available in the hospitality industry. This type of technology allows for a wireless lock to control a door lock from distances. A laptop or tablet is used by the user to access the control panel, which is then accessed wirelessly from a wireless device. This wireless system has no need for any type of authorization, as it is entirely stand-alone. Many hotels are using this type of system to prevent unauthorized access from cell phones, laptops, or other electronic devices.

Ensuring the security of the guests as well as the guests' personal belongings is vital for the success of any business. A hotel locksmith should be able to provide high quality and effective service regardless of whether the job is residential or in a public facility. The best locksmiths should also have the ability to work with customers in a timely manner and should not require any extra fees for added services such as access control. There are many different types of security measures that can be used for the protection of the guests, such as hotel door locks, glass breaking detectors, infrared cameras, video surveillance, panic buttons, and proximity cards.

With the continued advancement of technology, there are many new features available in the newer hotel door locks as well as the traditional key systems. One such advancement is the use of biometric authentication with the use of iris scanners. Another popular feature available in recent years is the use of smart locks with built-in electronic systems. The use of smart locks with biometric authentication means that the user will only enter a code by which they are recognized, making for the easiest available forms of access.

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