Hotel Key Lock Vulnerability Revealed

  • Monday, 11 April 2022
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Hotel Key Lock Vulnerability Revealed

A vulnerability in a popular hotel key lock caused an infamous security disaster in the US. A 'white hat' hacker published the results of his research on a website and presented them at the annual Black Hat expo. A petty criminal used this information to break into hundreds of rooms, robbing unsuspecting hotel guests across several states. The flaw was discovered in the software that controls the locks in four2,000 properties worldwide.

While these systems work, they do have a major flaw. They can be bypassed by a lost key, and the replacement of a lock can be very expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, hotels should consider adopting more advanced technologies. Thankfully, most modern hotel key locks do not require Internet or Bluetooth connections. The problem with the traditional hotel key lock is that it's vulnerable to key duplication. If the hotel keys are misplaced or stolen, the replacement will take too much time.

The first hotel key lock was made in 1970 by Swedish engineer Tor Sornes. This key lock utilized a card holder with a unique card number. The card would then be read by the lock. However, this card was vulnerable to damage and wear and was easy to lose. This solution eliminated this problem, but the problem with the traditional card was that it wasn't as secure as it could have been. The newer system used a proprietary encoding pattern.

With more than one security option, a hotel key lock should be able to handle multiple security risks. Often, a key should be protected by two-factor authentication. In addition, the lock should be easy to install. A hotel key lock should be able to connect with smartphones via Bluetooth. In addition, it should be compatible with most RFID mechanisms. There are also other security features to consider when purchasing a hotel key lock. This can make your hotel more secure and save you money.

The latest hotel key locks are highly advanced and are compatible with many other hotel systems. With Operto Connect, hotel guests can create extra cool features and even connect their mobile devices to the lock for remote monitoring. The Operto Connect system is compatible with PMS systems and can integrate with many smart hotel door locks. You can choose from different designs and styles to meet the needs of your hotel. You can find a smart lock to fit your budget.

While hotel key locks are an increasingly popular security solution, a few security issues should be considered before installing a system. A good example is if the door lock is compatible with a keyless access reader. These devices work with a mobile app and allow guests to check in and out using a digital key. Once the guest checks out, the digital key disappears. In addition to being secure, they are easy to use and can be integrated into your current PMS.

The magnetic stripe on a hotel key contains basic guest information. The most identifiable piece of information is the user access number. This information is imprinted on the card by hotel personnel during check-in and is limited to use until checkout. The magnetic stripe is then read by a door card reader, triggering the hotel key lock. After a person swipes the card through the door card reader, the hotel door lock opens. The magnetic stripe then triggers the door lock, allowing the user to enter the building.

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