How a Door Card Hotel Works

  • Sunday, 10 July 2022
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How a Door Card Hotel Works

A door card hotel has a magnetic strip on the door that is read by a computer or simple electronic scanner. Even after the guest has checked out, their information is still in danger because the door card is still in the hotel's system, and it can be reused for the next guest. To protect your information, never leave a door card in the hotel's waste bin or at the front desk. This card will record your name, partial address, and credit card number.

Several worldwide manufacturers offer key card access door locks, as do some local companies. It's best to look at several brands before you make your decision. Some of the top brands include Onity, Assa Abloy, SmartKey, Salto, ShineACS Locks, and others. These manufacturers make door cards that have magnetic strips, RFID tags, or NFC chips. Once you've decided on the type of door lock you want, contact suppliers to compare prices.

Some hotels even have digital key cards. These cards can be obtained with ID at a hotel and will not work with the old keys. If the door card doesn't match the key, it may be necessary to rekey the locks at the hotel. This may cost you extra, but the risk of being broken into is too high for any hotel. In the long run, door card hotel locks will protect your privacy and your identity. The only downside is that you can't offer a room to another guest if it's insecure.

Another benefit of a door card hotel is that it eliminates the need to swipe the card. This technology is known as RFID, and has small radio frequency tags that can be read by a controller. If the data matches, the door will unlock. It's a smart solution, but it's pricey. But before deciding on a door card, consider the benefits of each. This article will explain how a door card hotel works.

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