How to Choose a Hotel Room Door Lock System

  • Thursday, 02 June 2022
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How to Choose a Hotel Room Door Lock System

The best hotel room door lock system is one that works seamlessly with the design of the hotel. It has several benefits that include security and seamless guest movement. The design should be both attractive and easy to use. Whether it is a modern lock or a traditional one, hotel door locks should serve their purpose. Here are some tips to choose the best one:

A good hotel room door lock system should include an access control system. A mobile app should complement the hotel lock security features, including audit trails and access permissions. Most of these systems feature a unique 128-bit encryption key for each door lock. A luxury Austrian hotel recently abandoned electronic room cards after being attacked by ransomware. The system made it easy for the hotel to control access to rooms and eliminate the need for physical keys.

Traditional security locks have a weak spot. It is easy to lose the key to your hotel room and gain access to it. Replacing locks requires considerable time and money. Therefore, a more advanced hotel room door lock system is a better choice. It is also splash proof and reduces the chances of theft. It is also popular among hotel employees. You can install a sensor-based electric door lock system, if you wish.

Keycards can also be used to open hotel doors. They are thin plastic cards with magnetic stripes that are embedded inside. They are inserted into a slit in the door lock and open for a few seconds. The reader automatically closes the door after use. A good magnetic keycard reader can last up to 18 months. Another popular type of hotel room door lock system uses RFID technology. The card is scanned when placed near the lock.

A wireless electronic door lock allows the hotel to integrate with other smart technologies. For instance, it allows guests to check in online and bypass the front desk. They can even bypass the front desk entirely and enter their rooms themselves. That's the beauty of BLE technology. The possibilities are limitless. Ultimately, the door lock system can save the hotel money while making operations more convenient for guests. If you're looking for a reliable door lock system for your hotel, this one is the best option.

Salto uses a cloud-based smart lock system. This system is compatible with existing apps. It allows a guest to grant access remotely and can connect to the door's door lock system. It is highly customizable online. The hardware used is easy to install. The software allows you to customize its appearance. While it isn't as customizable as Salto, it's easy to install in any hotel. In addition to a remote keypad, it also offers a digital key that can be sent to a smartphone. It also works with Operto Connect.

Another advantage of an electronic hotel door lock is increased security. High security is now a top priority for hotels and other establishments. The use of electronic key cards can prevent the loss of keys, prevent room burglaries, and keep track of who entered a room. Hotel owners can also use these locks to make it easier for guests to check in and out of their rooms. These locks can also be used as parking space for guests. Aside from enhancing hotel aesthetics, they also increase hotel security.

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