How to Choose the Best Fingerprint Smart Lock

  • Thursday, 02 March 2023
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How to Choose the Best Fingerprint Smart Lock

A fingerprint smart lock is the best choice if you want to use biometrics for your home’s door fingerprint smart lock These locks can provide keyless access, help with a lockout situation, and even offer security features like tracking who enters and leaves your property.

The fingerprint sensor is the most important feature of a smart lock, so we recommend that you choose one with a high-quality fingerprint smart lock The sensor must be able to detect your fingerprint accurately and quickly, and should also be easy to operate.

You also need to make sure the lock is durable enough to withstand wear and tear from regular fingerprint smart lock You don’t want a lock that stops working for no reason, so look for a model with an IP65 rating, which means it should be waterproof and able to handle rain and snow without being damaged.

While a fingerprint scanner is an excellent option for single-person access, you may want to consider a lock with a keypad or even a Bluetooth connection to unlock your doors from a remote location. These smart locks are often a bit more expensive, but can be an effective alternative to using a smartphone app and a fingerprint reader.

There are a few different types of fingerprint locks out there, so we recommend looking for ones with a high-quality sensor that can reliably detect your fingerprint. These models are a good choice for multi-family or commercial properties, as they’ll save you money on replacing physical keys over time.

These smart locks are designed to be simple to install and set up, and they can work with existing deadlocks. This allows them to be used in rental properties and will keep your landlord happy.

For the best value, we recommend buying a lock that can connect to your network over Wi-Fi, such as the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. That will allow you to manage your smart lock from anywhere with an internet connection and a smart phone, which is a nice bonus.

It has a fingerprint scanner and works with traditional keys, but it requires an optional Wi-Fi gateway (sold separately). The hub adds extra functionality, such as allowing you to create time-limited passwords or letting you share temporary access with guests.

You can even set up automatic door locking when you leave the house and re-locking when you arrive. This is a great feature for those who live in apartment buildings or have elderly or disabled family members.

Another great feature is that the app lets you set a custom schedule for when your lock will be active and locked, such as when you’re away or asleep. You can also change the code that unlocks your door, which is handy for people who forget their keys or aren’t able to read the lock’s code.

This smart lock is a little more expensive than our other picks, but it offers many other benefits as well. It’s weatherproof, has a rekeyable keypad, and can track who enters and leaves your home. The best part, though, is that it has a fingerprint scanner that works as reliably as any of the other biometric locks we’ve tested.

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