How to Install a Fingerprint Key Lock

How to Install a Fingerprint Key Lock

  • Monday, 26 December 2022
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How to Install a Fingerprint Key Lock

A fingerprint key lock is a great way to eliminate the need to carry around a physical key. However, you should be aware that you may have to replace a few locks in the process. Thankfully, you can do the installation yourself!

Fingerprint keys are not only secure, but they are also convenient. Instead of carrying a key, you can simply unlock your door from a distance. You can use your smartphone or a specialized device to open your door. If you want to increase security at home or at the office, a fingerprint lock is the way to go.

When choosing a fingerprint lock, you should take into account the materials used. Some are made of a sturdy metal like zinc alloy. Zinc alloy is a highly durable material that can resist corrosion. It is also easy to shape and mold.

For instance, Samsung's fingerprint lock is fire tested and comes with an internal thermal sensor that monitors the temperature of the room. In addition, it has a flippable handle, a mechanical key slot and pick-proof technology. There is also an alarm that sounds when the lock is opened.

The best part is that the technology is non-intrusive, which makes it a good choice for retail establishments. Moreover, the FRR and the FAR of the lock are two good indicators of its overall performance. While you may not be able to replicate the fingerprint lock, you can easily unlock it with the right re-engraved finger.

Unlike traditional key locks, the fingerprint key lock can be installed remotely. This is particularly useful if you have a family and you would like to prevent your children from opening the door for strangers. You can also program the system to record the time when you enter and exit the building.

There is a large selection of fingerprint key locks available. Some come with remote access features, such as the Halo Touch. Designed to be paired with your smart phone, this particular model has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and allows you to unlock the door via voice commands. Lastly, the Megafeis is a weather-resistant biometric lock that supports up to 15 prints and is ideal for cabinets, gym lockers, and other areas of your home.

Similarly, the Halo Touch can be managed through the Kwikset app. Meanwhile, the Cduta fingerprint padlock is designed for left and right swinging doors. With a single 90-minute charge, the device can store up to 20 prints.

However, a fingerprint key lock is a bit more complex than the typical key lock. You'll need to replace the battery frequently and it may be difficult to operate during power outages. That's why you should consider buying a robust, heavy-duty fingerprint key lock that can withstand frequent tampering and abuse.

Likewise, a fingerprint key lock can be difficult to open if you've got an oily or wet finger. And while you'll never forget a fingerprint, you might forget a password. So, the best choice is to purchase a fingerprint key lock that is backed up by a mechanical key slot.

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