Keyless Hotel Door Locks - Security Without a Key

  • Thursday, 20 May 2021
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Keyless Hotel Door Locks - Security Without a Key

In recent years, the technology of keyless hotel door locks has advanced significantly. Whereas in previous decades, a key would be needed to gain access to a hotel front door, today's systems make use of a transponder, or RFID, embedded in or attached to the lock itself. Once the transponder is activated, a lock is opened without any key; and thus, no key is required to open the door. Thus, by eliminating the need for a key, this type of hotel lock is much safer than traditional systems, as there is no need to provide a spare key for a keyless system.

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To use a keyless hotel door locks system, you first have to insert your hotel key card into the reader of the device. You can then use the transponder to arm and disarm the lock, or read it to see if it is locked or not. To change the combination, a key must be inserted into the lock, or the lock is rebounded. These devices may also be used with automatic locks, where a signal is sent from a remote computer to arm the lock, allowing a lock to be opened with the simple touch of a button. Keyless entry systems are usually used in commercial establishments, where access to a property is required by security personnel for authorized purposes.

One of the most popular types of keyless hotel door locks is the biometric lock. A fingerprint is scanned on the surface of a finger, or on a plastic recognition strip that is printed on a special paper. When the finger is recognized, a digital fingerprint is generated and the entry is authorized. However, some hotels may want to add additional security measures to prevent forced entry. This includes installing other types of locks, such as a conventional or combination stainless steel lock.

A smart or room smart door lock system is also available. These are similar to traditional hotel door locks but are installed with a telephone module that allows the owner to use an instant call to arm or disarm the door. If a guest tries to open the door without using the telephone, an alarm will sound, alerting the monitoring center. Once the authorities are notified, the person will be asked to leave.

Hotel room smart door locks can also be used for keyless entry purposes, but they are more commonly used with RFID lock systems. An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) lock uses transponders to store and remotely arm or disarm the door. Similar to a credit card, only it doesn't have a magnetic stripe that can be picked by a key. Instead, the transponder is embedded within the metal of the door, making it impossible to pick with a traditional key.

There are several manufacturers that produce quality rfid hotel door locks. A good provider will provide the tools for both basic and advanced installation. It should also offer extensive after-sales support including changing or repairing any damaged transponder components. Service centers should be staffed by knowledgeable personnel who can help troubleshoot any technical issues. And most of all, these companies should guarantee their work. You don't want to sign a contract that ends up voiding your warranty.

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