TTlock - A New Way to Secure Your Hotel

  • Thursday, 26 May 2022
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TTlock - A New Way to Secure Your Hotel

If you are looking for a new way to secure your hotel, try TTlock.ttlock hotel This new hotel lock has a web application and doesn't require hotel management software. Guests can open doors with the help of their mobile phone, RFID card, or password. TTlock is compatible with all types of doors. The H Series Smart Door Lock has been developed for smart hotels and can also be used in homes. It supports TTRenting, an app that lets guests unlock their rooms and use their phone to get in and out of the building.

The commercial version of TTLock differs from the residential product in that it uses a separate gateway to manage access.ttlock hotel Once installed, the application can control the lock remotely. Users can see when guests are logged in, read the unlock record, and even delete their password. The TTLock hotel lock is compatible with Android and iOS devices and offers a variety of security features, including password and access management. For hotels and other commercial establishments, TTLock is compatible with several types of locks, including biometrics.

TTLock has multiple security features that make it useful for landlords and hotel operators.ttlock hotel The software enables you to remotely send passwords and keys to room cleaners and temporary tenants, as well as to employees. The system is easy to use and requires no special installation. If you have a business that has multiple locations, this system is a smart choice. You can even remotely send keys and passwords to any room on your property, making it easy to manage and secure.

For vacation rental properties, TTLock is a great option.ttlock hotel The intelligent lock system controls the door remotely through your mobile phone and provides three mechanical keys and a backup battery. The app is simple to install and allows you to send e-keys, set end dates, set notifications, and customize passcodes. Bluetooth connection makes TTLock compatible with many smart home devices, such as Google Home and Alexa. Once installed, you'll be ready to offer your guests a smart hotel experience.

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