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Digital Cabinet Lock 206

Digital Cabinet Lock 206

1. No need wiring, stand-alone and easy to set up.

2. With external power interface (Audio interface) for emergency.

3. Auto-open function without handle, easy operate.

Product description


1. No need wiring, stand-alone and easy to set up.

2. With external power interface (Audio interface) for emergency.

3. Auto-open function without handle, easy operate.

4. Applicable to school, spa bath center, swimming pool, gym, golf, supermarket, hotel, company, factory and household etc.

5. Both public model and personal model for choice.

Personal model: Long-term password validity

Public model: The locker keeping open when no one is using it.  You will set a password when using it. One-time password and password failure after open the lock.


Use time: More than 100 thousand

Electronic control part:

A. Power supply: 4 pcs AAA alkaline batteries

B. Static current: When indicate LED turn off, static current ≤5uA

C. Transient current (Turn on lock) ≤250mA

D. Work current for operating keypad: ≤20mA

E. Anti-static current: Anti air discharge 15KV, contact discharge 8KV

F. Working temperature: -25℃~+65℃, Working humidity:5%~95%RH


1. Sound indicate function

Different operation with different sounds to indicate

2. LED indicate function

Three different color LED to indicate (yellow LED means alarm, red LED means low voltage, green LED means unlock)

3. Emergency open.

1) When battery have not enough power to drive motor, users can connect external power supply to (Battery case) supply power to turn on lock.

2) When uses forget password, users can input master code or code-hopping to turn on lock.

3) If there are problem in electronic or mechanism, users need to destroy panel to turn on lock.

4. Alarm for low power

When power is too low, input password to turn on lock, red LED will flicker and with 4 groups alarm, after alarmed still can turn on lock about 100 times.

5. Password digits:

User code and Master code 4-10 digits; Code-hopping is 10 digits.

6. Restore password.

1) When users forget password, input master code to turn on, and then user code will recover to default code.

2) When forget master code, keep pressing restore button (On main PCB) about 3 seconds, then master code will recover to be default master code.

7. Multilevel code manage:

There are different level password to manage, such as user code, master code and code-hopping. User code and master code can be changed as customer's requirements.

8. Password protect function

When input wrong password, yellow LED will display 4 times and buzzer make 4 sound. If continuous input wrong password 3 times, lock main PCB will automatic lock 5 minutes, in this period if users press any keypad, it will have not any response. This function is used to avoid password was steal by somebody.

9. Mode convert function

Public mode (Type) and Private mode (Type) can use master code to convert.

Private mode convert to Public mode: * # 4 # Master code #

Public mode convert to Private mode: * # 5 # Master code #

10. State indicate function

At public mode, user can set up to there is a red LED to flicker when lock at the state of closing, this can indicate the cabinet already occupied and it is in using(This function only suitable for Public mode)

Turn on state indicate function: * # 8 # Master code #

Turn off state indicate function: * # 9 # Master cod #

11. Messy code function (Option function, it is not start-up before delivery)

Opening code can input as your own choice, as long as you continuous input (For example, correct password is 1234, you can input 36582141234 or 123435984236, also you can input 36235123435962 to turn on lock)the password which contain correct password, this is used to avoid somebody see the password when you input and steal it.

Turn on messy code function: * # 6 # Master code #

Turn off messy code function: * # 7 # Master code #

Remark: From start to input correct password to finish (Include random password) can not more than 20 digits, else system will indicate "it is wrong".

Digital Cabinet Lock 206

Digital Cabinet Lock 206