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Nowadays, second-hand commodity platforms have become the main channel for most people to transfer their idle and unused items. It is also a good place for people to search for second-hand goods. T...
With the rapid development of Internet of Things technology and the growing smart home market, smart locks, as the first line of defense for home security, are constantly evolving in their networki...
With the increasing popularity of smart home technology, smart door locks have been favored by consumers for their convenience and safety. However, a recent privacy dispute case triggered by the ca...
On March 9, 2024, the China National Intellectual Property Administration announced a new patent application of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., entitled "a device pairing method and intelligent door...
Never use smart locks,If you use it,You will find that carrying the key every day,It's such a frustrating thing,I even want to throw away the car keyNever use smart locks,If you use it,Your relativ...
E-mail: newgylock@vip.163.com Tel: 0086 15019231597
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