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Confirmed That The Smart Lock Is The Right Person In The Hotel Industry

Pulished on Jun. 29, 2020

"Worried about the high vacancy rate of hotels, not only domestic hotels, foreigners are no exception." Mobile Digital Door Lock Manufacturer said.

It can be seen that aiming at the "destocking" demand for the accommodation industry in the off-season, carrying out business-to-business exchange business between hotels, bed and breakfasts, hotels and other B2B tourism real estate, and revitalizing idle housing has become an urgent problem to be solved by the accommodation industry. Once the number of customers increases, hotels, hotels, etc. often face problems such as low operating efficiency and poor user experience. At this time, efficient and convenient entry-level Stand-Alone Electronic Locks play a  key role as high-frequency application scenarios in the hotel accommodation industry.

Alone Hotel Lock

Alone Hotel Lock

Traditional hotel check-in not only requires a person to receive it but also faces situations such as identity verification and access card issuance. If you encounter a peak holiday season, the central check-in process also requires passengers to wait in line.

This traditional check-in procedure is very cumbersome, causing an increase in manpower and time costs for the hotel accommodation industry, which has caused many operators such as hotel apartments and bed and breakfasts to complain.

So, is there a good response? The answer is a Smart Door Lock!

First of all, the current smart door lock can provide a variety of door opening methods such as password opening, fingerprint opening, Bluetooth wifi, the mobile phone app, etc. At the same time, relying on Internet technology, combined with the hotel's check-in system, guests can book online and check-in directly. There is no need to line up for check-in and check-out. On the one hand, it improves the operating capacity of the hotel accommodation industry, on the other hand, it reduces hotel staff expenditure and provides a more profitable space.

At the same time, many domestic smart door locks have also won praise from overseas markets due to advanced research and development technology and high-quality door lock products. Some domestic smart lock manufacturers even bluntly "planned to launch 100,000 smart door locks in Thailand this year." It also shows the strength and confidence of China's smart door lock industry.