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The Function And Future Development Of Intelligent Electronic Lock

Pulished on Jun. 24, 2020

Forgetting to bring a key when you go out is a problem we often encounter in our lives; at this time, we ask the master who unlocks to unlock the door. The cost of asking the master to unlock the door is not mentioned, but the waiting time is very inconvenient. In response to market demand, smart electronic locks have vigorously developed and expanded, but for some reasons in the market promotion, the promotion has always been slow:

Difficult to install the intelligent electronic lock:

There are many manufacturers of Stand-Alone Electronic Lock themselves, so the size of the lock body installed on the anti-theft door itself is not uniform; this problem is the biggest problem that plagues the market promotion, often because the size of the body itself is different from the fixed screw hole. Professional personnel must bring professional tools to install; if the panel of the intelligent electronic lock is larger than the panel of the original lock body, it can be covered after installation without affecting the appearance, if the panel is too small to cover the hole on the door, It directly affects the appearance of Yunben Security Door.



Doubts about the security and anti-theft of smart electronic locks:

Can the reliability of electronic products completely replace mechanically locks? The answer is, of course, yes, but whether the exposed smart electronic the lock can withstand cracking by interested individuals is a question that deserves everyone's attention.

Based on the above, in fact, the smart electric lock is completely derived from the access control system; it combines the required electronic modules, motor drive mechanical modules, battery modules, etc.; the difference is the original access control The swipe card is not installed on the door panel of the anti-theft door, and the intelligent electronic lock is to integrate all the required modules on the door handle of the anti-theft door, which is indeed perfect in terms of overall appearance.

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