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Every Little Thing is Important: Use an Electronic Cabinet Lock to Ensure Safety

Pulished on Oct. 10, 2020

Secondary security measures for fitness rooms, sauna rooms, and employee lockers for storing clothes are necessary. Everyone wants their belongings to be safe and secure. For this reason, Electronic Cabinet Locks can best meet your needs. There is no doubt that this technology is successful, but it is often tortured repeatedly due to key problems. Nowadays, the technology has developed a new way to access, open and monitor the cabinet in a more convenient way.

Intelligent electronic cabinet lock

Smart cabinet locks can use Digital Cabinet Locks to work. Specific personnel or designated trusted personnel can access these smart personal electronic cabinet locks. In the world of smart electronic cabinet systems, get Be-Tech CyberII Touch (C2800T), which is an electronic locking frame designed to ensure that your products are always safe and reliable.

Digital Cabinet Locks

Digital Cabinet Locks

Private function

If the same person repeatedly uses the same code in the same cabinet, the Smart Cabinet Lock can provide you with accurate services. For example, it applies to our students or colleagues who share the same cabinet at school or work.

Public function

Storage or locker locks are used with a separate client code. A guest enters a personal code limited to 4 to 9 digits to lock the lock. Before deleting the password and preparing for the next client, a similar code was entered to open the lock. This type of function can be used for multi-purpose applications. The main example of a lock for a public function cabinet is a gym locker.