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Reminders On The Use of Fingerprint Password Lock

Pulished on Sep. 09, 2020

1. The original mechanical key of the Fingerprint Door Lock should be properly stored in other places except indoors and outside for emergency use. In addition, if the fingerprint and password fail to open the door, you can use the original mechanical key to open the door first. If the maintenance unit does not carry the mechanical key lock, the maintenance unit will not bear the cost of external unlocking.

2. After the official check-in, please set up fingerprints, passwords and other information as soon as possible. The management password and unlock password should be set separately, and the management password should not be the same as the unlock password

Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock

Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock 

3. It is recommended to set up fingerprints for children to open the door without telling the password, so as not to accidentally reveal the password. Once the password is leaked, please delete the original password in time and replace it with a new one

4. The Intelligent Fingerprint Door Lock has a battery display on the upper right of the screen. When the system has a low battery alarm, please replace a good quality battery as soon as possible to avoid the battery being exhausted and the door cannot be opened normally

5. Be sure to lock the door when going out. After unlocking, once you open the door, you can query related door opening records

6. Please follow the instruction manual for password setting operation. If you need help, please contact the Smart Fingerprint Door Lock Supplier in time