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Five Questions About Smart Lock: All You Care About Is Here!

Pulished on Jun. 15, 2020

Regarding the smart lock, many consumers must have heard about it, but it is difficult to buy it at the time of purchase. There are always a lot of questions in the mind. Of course, the user is most concerned about whether it is safe or not, what brand can be assured Use, whether smart locks are expensive or not, etc.

Today, Hotel Lock System Suppliers come to answer the ten questions that users care about the most:

1. Is the smart lock safe with a mechanical lock?

In the impression of many people, electronic things are definitely not safe from pure machinery. In fact, the smart lock is a combination of "mechanical lock + electronics", which means that the smart lock is developed on the basis of the mechanical lock, and the mechanical part is basically consistent with the mechanical lock. The C-level lock core, The lock body and mechanical key are basically the same, so in terms of anti-technical opening, in fact, the two are equally matched.

The advantage of the Electronic Hotel Lock is that, because most smart locks have networking functions, it has functions such as tamper alarm and user real-time viewing of door lock dynamics, which is superior to mechanical locks in terms of security. At present, visual smart locks are also available on the market. Users can not only monitor the dynamics in front of the door in real time through mobile phones, but also use remote video shouting and video remote unlocking. Overall, smart locks are much better than mechanical locks in terms of security.

2. Is the smart lock expensive? What price is the smart lock?

When many users purchase smart locks, such as Stand-Alone Electronic Lock, price is often one of the factors to consider, and the headache for consumers is that smart locks on the market with hundreds of dollars and smart locks with thousands of dollars, from the appearance and There is not much difference in function, so I don't know how to choose.

In fact, the selling price of a qualified smart lock is at least a thousand yuan, so it is not recommended to buy a smart lock of two or three hundred yuan. One is that the quality is not guaranteed, and the other is that the after-sales cannot keep up. After all, a few hundred dollars The profit of smart locks is very low, and manufacturers will not make a loss business. We recommend buying smart locks of more than 1,000 yuan. If you are not bad, you can choose higher-end smart lock products.

Zinc Alloy Biometric Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

Zinc Alloy Biometric Fingerprint Cabinet Lock

3. Is the smart lock easy to crack?

Many consumers have learned through the news that smart locks are easy to be cracked by small black boxes, fake fingerprints, etc., or through network attacks. In fact, the current smart lock can basically resist the attack of the small black box after the small black box incident, because enterprises have upgraded the smart lock products.

Regarding the copying of fake fingerprints, it is actually a very difficult thing. The copying procedure is more complicated, and network attacks can only be completed by hackers. General thieves do not have this kind of cracking ability, and hackers are not bothered to crack the intelligence of an ordinary family. Lock, besides, the current smart lock has made great efforts in network security, biometric security, etc., and it is no problem to deal with general thieves.

4. Where can I buy more at ease?

In fact, as long as you purchase regular brands of smart locks from regular channels, you can use them with confidence. First of all, before purchasing, be sure to check the relevant qualifications and information of the manufacturer through relevant platforms such as search engines and Tianyancha. Secondly, judge the reputation of the e-commerce users through evaluation, and try to choose smart locks with high praise rates.

Regarding the channel, if you choose to buy online, it is best to choose the official flagship store or officially authorized store, and the offline building materials city, home market, and even many shopping malls now have smart locks to sell, it is best to choose brand stores or official Authorized dealer.

5. Do smart locks have to buy big brands?

Big brands have the advantages of big brands, and small brands have the advantages of small brands. Of course, the service system and sales system of big brands are relatively broader. In terms of quality, as long as it is not too pursuing the so-called "cheap", in fact, there is not much difference between big brands and small brands. Smart locks are different from home appliances. If a home appliance fails, it can be temporarily unused, but once the door lock fails, the user will face a situation where the home cannot return, so the timeliness of the after-sale response is very high, and the stability and quality of the product are also required. Also very high.

In a word, whether it is a big brand or a small brand, it is the most important thing to buy a smart lock.