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These Three Elements Are Very Important for Hotel Smart Upgrade Door Locks!

Pulished on Oct. 14, 2020

First of all, let us think of a scenario: after a long journey, you just took your luggage into the hotel lobby, saw the front desk line up, you silently walked to the self-service machine next door, and then walked to your room, picked up the phone and clicked, Di Turn on the sound, then push the door open.

Is it super convenient? Although the traditional room key has not been completely replaced, mobile keyless technology has caused an uproar in the hotel field. Modern guests, especially those of millennials and younger generations, continue to show greater interest.Hoteliers seek to stay competitive, but the question is, how do you determine which Smart Door Lock is right for your hotel?

Integration is the key

Electronic Hotel Locks must find a very compatible supplier. If there is a lack of seamless integration or incompatibility, some mobile lock formats may require you to replace the entire door lock, which is not cost-effective.

In addition, in order to make the most of the mobile key system, hotels may also need to integrate smart door locks with other information sources. This means that the hotel needs to ensure that the application is also integrated into the property management system that the hotel currently has.

Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock

Perfect foundation

Use efficiency should always be the first priority. If a new technology cannot perform its main function perfectly, it will not be accepted happily. Although bells and whistles can give consumers a whim, nothing is more important than the core functionality delivered.

Does the lock and unlock function work normally every time, is it reliable and highly secure? Are guests required to stay within 5 feet of the door of their room? Does the unlock function work quickly, or does it take a few tries before registering? Does the application enhance the mobile experience, allowing customers to effectively bypass the line and receive notifications/alerts customized to their preferences?

Big compatibility issues for future upgrades

From booking, SMS before arrival, mobile phone registration and using mobile key to enter hotel room, to provision, upgrade and mobile checkout. Although the improvement of basic information can be based on priority rules, the expectations of guests are always evolving and embrace new trends.

The smart door lock technology you choose today will be with the hotel for many years to come. A lock is not just a lock, but the first entrance to a smart life. Bring smart door locks to adapt to the future growth and changes of Hotel Door Lock Systems and develop. Bring the smart door lock to make the door open and check-in smarter and faster.