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What Are The Advantages of Hotel Smart Locks

Pulished on Nov. 05, 2020

Hotel locks are generally intelligent products, which are more convenient to apply than other traditional home lock products. Do you know what are the advantages and characteristics of smart hotel locks? The Hotel Lock System Supplier will introduce you.

Advantages of Smart Hotel Locks:

1. Strict time limit function: Built-in clock in the lock heart. Through the strict time setting, when the guest's house expires, the room card will automatically be invalidated, which effectively prevents guests from defaulting on rent;

2. Multi-level key card with clear powers and responsibilities:

According to hotel management requirements, you can set up the general card, building card, floor card, cleaning card, and guest card, but the rules of each card are different; but only when the customer card and the hotel owner use the card at the same time, the card used by the hotel will be Effective, of course, the customer's single card is also effective since using his own card;

Smart Hotel Locks

Smart Hotel Locks

3. Do not disturb function, it is more hotel friendly image: Some hotels will install Hotel DND System, so that guests enter the guest room with anti-lock, the waiter can not open the door to disturb 

4. Lost key card function, flexible key card termination: After the key card is lost, after the simple setting of the front-end management system, the lost key card will be invalidated, and guests can rest easy;

5. The door open record query function, plus one more security: the door lock with data storage, can record the history of the door open history

6. It can be added functions: according to the needs of the hotel can be added smart card safes, smart card power, smart card elevator, smart card settlement and payment to achieve a multi-purpose card, which will help improve the level of the hotel and reduce the hotel's resources and manpower.