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There Are So Many Ways To Unlock The Smart Lock, Do You Really Understand?

Pulished on Jun. 04, 2020

With the continuous development of the "Internet of Things", smart locks have gradually entered the people's field of vision, more and more manufacturers have joined the blue ocean that has just started, and the products are gradually enriched. There are many smart lock products, and unlocking methods are also very diverse. The Hotel Lock System Supplier here summarize the common unlocking methods of home smart locks, which are convenient for everyone to buy.


One: fingerprint recognition


Although fingerprint recognition has only been popularized on smartphones in recent years, the authentication method has a long history. Ancient people have a tradition of signature painting, and painting is based on fingerprints. Although the level of technology was not developed at that time, people already knew that the lines on their hands could be used as a reliable authentication method.

Optical fingerprint recognition is now more common on fingerprint attendance machines, with the advantages of lower cost and faster recognition speed. The disadvantage is that because there is no integrated biological detection and identification technology, it can be easily cracked by the fake fingerprint film, and the identification module is relatively large. Therefore, it is more suitable for devices with low-security requirements, such as the fingerprint attendance machine just mentioned.

However, due to the low cost of the optical fingerprint identification module, even if the security is not particularly high, some smart locks still use the optical fingerprint identification module. With the miniaturization and cost reduction of push-type capacitive fingerprint identification modules, many smart lock products also use more secure capacitive fingerprint identification modules instead of optical fingerprint identification modules.

The push-type capacitive fingerprint recognition module not only has a high recognition rate but also has a very natural way of use. It can be recognized by pressing on the recognition module like a fingerprint, and due to the working principle, the capacitive fingerprint recognition can directly detect the fingerprint leather Layer, so the fingerprint film is invalid in front of capacitive fingerprint recognition, and the security has also been improved by several levels. This has become the most common way to unlock smart locks, such as the Hotel Fingerprint Door Lock.

Two: password unlock


Hotel Digital Door Locks are password unlocked. It is the most common encryption method. As small as a diary, as large as a bank vault, you can see the figure of password unlocking, and the time when password unlocking appears on the smart lock is relatively early. The predecessor of the lock is an electronic lock with a password. The unlocking of the password on the smart lock is mostly coded by a digital password. Everyone will have one or a few numbers that only he knows can be used as his password. Therefore, the convenience of password unlocking is very high, and it is also the unlocking method used by almost every smart lock.

 Mobile App Digital Lock

Mobile App Digital Lock

Password unlocking, as the most common way to unlock smart locks, has been adopted long before the fingerprint recognition of smart locks became popular. However, password unlocking is a very traditional way of unlocking. The complexity of the key is pediatric compared with fingerprints, and many people do not like to use passwords to unlock. Look at how many people used passwords before fingerprint recognition became popular. The phone is encrypted.


Smart lock manufacturers have taken pains to improve the security of password recognition. Because the scene when the smart lock enters the password is not very hidden, the password is easy to be peeped, so came up with the "virtual password" security measure, that is, entering the correct password Enter any number before and after, as long as you enter the correct password before confirmation, you can open the door lock, which improves the security of the password to a certain extent.


Three: Swipe to unlock

Credit card unlocking can be said to be the closest to the keyless unlocking method when early fingerprint recognition is not popular, but now it is still very popular in five-star hotels and down to the community access control, which is similar to the keyless unlocking method to facilitate residents to open the door Time, and now many smart locks can register a card with recorded information such as a bus card in hand as a key to open the door, which is convenient for people such as the elderly and children who can’t remember the password or have a shallow fingerprint.


Most smart locks unlocked by swiping use radio frequency identification technology (RFID for short), which can identify specific targets and read and write related data through radio signals. To put it simply, most cities' bus cards and subway cards use this method to charge and recharge with the credit card machine.

The "intelligent" attribute of the smart lock directly determines that its function will not be single, and the variety of unlocking methods in it highlights a characteristic of its "intelligent" attribute. A smart lock is a device that exists for security. The unlocking method of the lock must be based on sufficient security. For example, fingerprint unlocking is an unlocking function that has a good balance between ease of use and security. With the continuous advancement of technology, iPhone X introduces 3D depth of field face recognition technology. In the near future, there will be new changes in unlocking methods on smart locks.