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Product Detail

Electronic Cabinet Lock 662

Model 662
Series Electronic Cabinet Lock
Material SUS304 stainless steel
Color Silver

Newgy offers the latest RFID technology with high security and fashionable design.

Newgy provides a new level of security for both shared and assigned use lockers. Convenient for users and management.

No software, stand-alone.

Easy to operation.

Waterproof wristband card.

Two models for choice. One is fixed key card mode. The other is free mode.

Mode A: fixed key card mode.

Work without software, each cabinet work with the fixed user card.

Function card: Master Card, user Card.

*The master card is used to create user card.

*The user card is used to open the door.

*The user card can be recycled.

Mode B: Free mode

Work without software, the cabinets work with random key card.

Function card: Master card, User card.

*The master card can open all locks.

*The user card is used to open the door.

*The user card can be recycled.

To close (Create user card)

In unlocked state, touch any unoccupied card. The lock locked. The card becomes user card.

To open (Stop user card)

Touch your user card, the lock unlocked. This Guest Card access authority cancelled.

Technical Parameters

Card Type: RFID card

Panel Color: Silver

Master card capacity:1 pc

Unlocking methods: Single card or Double cards

Guest card capacity: 16pcs

Working Voltage4 pcs 1.5V alkaline battery

Low-voltage directives: 4.8V

Dynamic power consumption: 200 mA

Operating temperature: -30°C~80°C

Working Humidity: 20% ~ 95% RH

Battery Life: Open door for 10000 times


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