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Why has the gateway gradually exited the historical stage of smart locks?

Issuing time:2024-03-09 13:47

With the rapid development of Internet of Things technology and the growing smart home market, smart locks, as the first line of defense for home security, are constantly evolving in their networking methods. In the past, smart locks mainly relied on communication technologies such as ZigBee, Z-wave, Bluetooth, etc., and connected to routers through gateways to achieve interaction with mobile phones. However, in recent years, we have clearly observed a decrease in the number of smart lock gateways, mainly due to the following reasons:

Firstly, the emergence of new technologies has provided a more direct way for smart locks to connect to the internet. Especially with the rise of Nb loT networks, smart locks can be directly connected to the operator's cellular network without the need for gateways. Although Nb loT is mainly used in public rental housing, long-term and short-term apartments, and is not suitable for the civilian market, its emergence undoubtedly provides new ideas for the networking of smart locks.

Secondly, with the increasing demand for smart lock functionality from consumers, traditional communication methods are no longer sufficient. For example, communication methods such as ZigBee and Z-wave cannot achieve advanced functions such as remote visual intercom and monitoring due to bandwidth limitations. Wi Fi technology, on the other hand, has become an ideal choice for supporting smart lock visualization due to its high bandwidth characteristics.

Furthermore, the continuous maturity of Wi Fi technology and the decrease in power consumption have also prompted more and more manufacturers to choose Wi Fi as the communication method for smart locks. Wi Fi direct connection not only simplifies the installation and configuration process of smart locks, but also improves the user experience, allowing users to remotely monitor and operate smart locks anytime, anywhere through their mobile phones.

So, in the face of the popularization of Wi Fi direct connection, will gateways completely withdraw from the historical stage of smart locks? The answer is not absolute. Although Wi Fi direct connection is increasingly widely used in the field of smart locks, gateways still have their value in certain specific scenarios or special needs. For example, in areas with poor network coverage or places that require higher security, gateways can serve as a security barrier between smart locks and external networks, providing additional data encryption and authentication functions.

In summary, the reduction of smart lock gateways is the result of multiple factors working together. With the continuous progress of Internet of Things technology and the deepening development of the smart home market, we can foresee that in the future, the networking methods of smart locks will become more diverse, personalized, and intelligent. As an important role in the history of intelligent lock networking, although the status of gateways is gradually weakening, they will still play an irreplaceable role in certain specific scenarios.

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