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Why are smart locks on second-hand platforms unreliable?

Issuing time:2024-03-13 14:40

Nowadays, second-hand commodity platforms have become the main channel for most people to transfer their idle and unused items. It is also a good place for people to search for second-hand goods. This is beneficial for both buyers and sellers. At the beginning, second-hand trading platforms were mostly sold on a personal to personal basis. Nowadays, many businesses are also eyeing second-hand product platforms.

The smart lock industry is no exception. Searching for keywords such as smart locks and fingerprint locks on major second-hand product platforms can lead to thousands of sales information for smart locks. But the question is: can second-hand smart locks be used? Is there guarantee for quality and after-sales service? Will the brand be responsible for the smart lock purchased from a second-hand product platform when the seller runs away?

The biggest feature of smart locks on second-hand platforms is their affordability. A well-known brand smart lock with a retail price of around 2000 yuan can be sold on second-hand product platforms for only about 800-1000 yuan, which is half the market price. Many dealers have stated that such a selling price is equivalent to the purchase price and wholesale price.

So, why are smart locks on second-hand platforms so cheap, and most of them are unopened new products (some have been opened, but in order to activate them in advance). More importantly, the seller promises to sell genuine products. The quality is absolutely guaranteed and you can use it with confidence.

The reason why smart lock products on second-hand commodity platforms are cheap is due to various reasons. On the one hand, it is because many platform style smart locks are already cheap and low-quality small brands. On the other hand, the reason why large brand smart locks can be sold at wholesale prices. The main reason is that some dealers do not want to continue operating after receiving the goods due to poor management. Then resell the product at a low price to speculators, who then sell it on second-hand platforms at a low price. In addition, there are also some dealers who do not want to do it themselves. But the manufacturer is unwilling to recycle the goods, so they have to sell them on second-hand product platforms at a low price.

It can be seen that the large brand smart lock products sold on second-hand platforms are not necessarily counterfeit or inferior products. But these products are not recognized by the manufacturer. That is to say, some dealers may not be able to find the original seller after buying all the goods in their hands. If there is a problem, it is highly likely that it will not be solved. And the brand may not necessarily provide after-sales support for these smart locks purchased through informal channels.

Even many brand owners have stated that selling cheap branded smart locks on second-hand platforms has seriously disrupted market order. We will focus on cracking down to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and distributors. It seems that smart locks on second-hand platforms are not necessarily counterfeit products. But after-sales service may not necessarily be guaranteed, so purchasing should be done with caution.

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