NEWGY Thumbprint door lock D500

Product features
1. Option for Tuya smart or TTlock.
2. Multiples unlock way.  Fingerprint,key,IC card,passcode and mobile phone NFC.
3. Phantom password anti peeping. 
4. USB emergency power supply.
5. Combine unlock.
6. Use higher sensitive Semiconductor 3D fingerprint sensor recongnize fast & security.
7. Use high qualitystandard chip,precision higher,speed faster and more energy saving.
8. Resistance of the litlle black box,more security. Supper anti interference to prevent the use of small black box unlock.

Technical Parameters for NEWGY Thumbprint door lock D500.
Lock front: zinc alloy 
Lock mortise: stainless steel 
Audio English audio guide
Power supply 4.5V-6.5V (4pcs AA batteries)
Working current Less 280mAh
Working temperature -10 to 60℃
Working humidity 20%-93%
Unlock way:
Fingerprint, password, IC card, Key, remote controller (Optional), Tuya or TTlock app (Optional)
Fingerprint users 100pcs 
IC cards users 100pcs
Passwords users 100pcs
Remote controller users 120pcs
Fit door type Wooden door, steel door, iron door, metal door
Warranty 1 year

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